Created from the mix between Tetalab and Mix'Art-Myrys, since 2010 the Toulouse Hacker Space Factory is a meeting around conferences, workshops and artistic propositions related to new technologies.

This event is open to all, beginners or not, experts or not, based on knowledge sharing, a festive and friendly moment aiming to creative usage of technologies, their appropriation and challenges they generate.

A time of meeting and sharing which definitely stimulates thinking and research in many fields as technological ones and beyond that, sociological, philosophical and artistic ones...

2017 was the 8th edition of this event in Toulouse.

THSF Next Regeneration

The 9th edition of this event will take place from May 10th to May 13th 2018 (dates to be confirmed) at Mix'Art Myrys (Toulouse - South of France).


Last THSF editions archives are still available !

THSF 2017: Hacking 101

THSF 2016: De la temporalité

THSF 2015: Less is more

This is not a broken link but the unfortunate result of an # rm -Rf that has definetely moved THSF 2015 archive to /dev/null (I swear on the tar sources that I'm was not involved).

THSF 2014: 1984^W2014

THSF 2013: Re

THSF 2012: In P0rn we trust