Following the 2600 meetings, Tetalab is born in 2009 at Toulouse on Gapz, Alex, PG and Sad Eden initiative with original goal to meet more often and have a place to setup projects.

Quickly with word mouth help, passionate people from various bacgrounds eventually gathered.

At first Tetalab concentrate on 3 points befor spreading in multiple directions:

  • A place, Mix'Art-Myrys to meet people (safely)

  • A light installation, the LED WALL around which efforts and skills of a handfull of members were gathered to achieve this project that needed electronical understanding and know-how, software engineering and hardware manipulations.

  • And early, a festival, the THSF to touch a larger zone than Toulouse area.

Tetalab & hackerspaces

Far from the bad people described by mass-medias, we are proud to (re)present the hacking culture from an honnest perspective and consistent with its true egalitarian philosophy: Reappropriation of tools and technology, DIY, free software and hardware, knowledge sharing and spreading.

We are a group of people who loves to divert tools and device of their meanings. Like many, we contribute to free software, free hardware and alternative medias projects .

Tetalab is a place where people with a common interest to technology, art and freedom philosophy can meet and collaborate together.

Each member has his own skills and we are always pleased to help someone stuck in a project. The addition of the community and tools makes the Tetalab like it is.

Tetalab principle is share and self-investment. So Tetalab does not initiate any project but its members develop them in it. One comes with an idea, a project and others graft to it if they're interested.

The lab is open 24/7 allowing access to ressources and experimentation at will for members. A weekly public meeting takes place on wednesdays nights from 9PM. This a moment for sharing, meeting, duscussing/presenting about projects in a warm informal athmosphere (Bring your 6 pack, bro').

The lab/container/DD2

The Tetlab is establsihed in a shop made from 2 welded 40' marine containers (aka Double Dragon 2) situated within the self-governing artists group Mix'art-Myrys'hangar.

It was built by its members and people from Mix'Art-Myrys.

Link between Tetalab and Mix'art-Myrys is strong and promote collaboration between hackers and artists like VSRK, Annlor Codina, Darkimey, Guillaume Bautista

Each year since 2010, the THSF (Toulouse Hacker Space Factory is organized by Tetalab in collaboration with Mix'Art-Myrys. This event is articulated around conferences, workshops and artistical propositions. The topic is new technologies and again watchword is knowledge sharing.

This is a fundamental principle of hackerspaces.

It looks awesome, how can I join ?

Have a look to the "join" section. :)

But I don't know much about all of this :'(

So you'll get pleasure to learn ! Don't worry, here, you skill level is not important. If you are self motivated you will be warmly welcome !


The Tetalab members guide (aka RTFM) answers all your questions about our hackerspace rules. Missing something in the guide ? Feel free to send an email to the list :)

Our motto :





MIX'ART MYRYS 12 rue Ferdinand Lassalle - 31200 Toulouse
Ponts jumeaux - Boulevard de Suisse
Open to public from 9PM on wenesdays nights.
Open 24/7 to members.

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