Join the Tetalab grant you unlimited access to the lab and all its ressources like CNC, 3D printers, SDK/HDK, prototypes, raw materials, books, tools and many more stuffs...

You will be kept informed of all association activities by the internal mailing-list.

A personnal storage space for your hardware and a git repository for your softwares will be dedicated to you.

Membership fee

Membership and join fees are the only incomes for the association who claims and receives no subvention of anykind.

Membership fee is 50€ per year.

You may pay this fee using Stripe (which is more honnest than Paypal).

Where can I pay my membership fee ?

The Internet link to our Stripe account would be sent to you since you'd have asked to adhere to the association.


The Tetalab members guide (aka RTFM) answers all your questions about our hackerspace rules.

Missing something in the guide ? Feel free to send an email to the list :)


Tetalab is an non-profit organization under the Jully 1st 1901 law, duly registered to the Préfecture de Haute-Garonne, SIRET # : 529 286 049 00018.

Status are were freely available at (Bang !)



MIX'ART MYRYS 12 rue Ferdinand Lassalle - 31200 Toulouse
Ponts jumeaux - Boulevard de Suisse
Open to all from 9PM on wednesdays nights.
Open 24/7 to members.

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