Led Pong Wall making of

Posted on Jun 13 -

Here is the making-of (code side) of the LED pong wall.

The idea was to build a wall of Led able to stream video. The project began a long time ago but technical problems and a little procrastination has resulted in some delay. For the hardware go to the blog of my buddy Lionel who will explain better than me.


Soft side there is 2 parts:

  1. arduino code: who decode messages from the serial port and send I2C message to max7313 controlling the led columns
  2. processing code: in charge of capturing the video and send it to the Arduino


Between the application providing the source display and the arduino we needed a simple message to be able to easily use the wall.

The 432 LEDs of the wall have 16 levels of intensity we chose a message like : Z0FCADC0000 …….

So Z  for the frame start flag and 432 Values between 0 and F at 38400bps.


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